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Sod installation, usually referred to as grass or lawn installation is a common way to renovate the surface of your lawn. In fact, this is the easiest way to set up a lawn. If all the conditions are met, we could install it in one day. Of course, in large projects, the time slope will change depending on the area to be protected by the brand-new sod.

Recently, sod installation has gained recognition in residential ventures. Landscapers, homeowners, or homebuilders buy it quickly to create a beautiful lawn. It also helps avoid or discourage soil erosion.

A significant fact about this landscaping company is that it enhances air and water quality. The drainage water feature is also useful for the prevention of floods. It is, therefore, not only an esthetic feature for commercial and residential projects.

At Tacoma Landscapings, we can give a solution to all of your sod installation needs. For us, there is no job too small or too big that we cannot handle. You can rest assured that our sod installation and landscaping services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Call us to talk about residential sod installation. The secret to a successful sod installation is the project area preparation. We provide quality sod installation as a turnkey service. You can choose to do some portions of the job, or we can do the whole job for you. We will remove the old lawn, prep the site, and install the new sod.

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Tacoma Sod

Professional Landscaping Company in Tacoma WA.

Whether you need sod for a new building project, for a particular area of your current lawn, or for a full start to your lawn, Tacoma Landscapings has the capacity to manage all your sod installation needs.

We specialize in inner-city and suburban sod installations for both residential and commercial properties. Our company has taken the time to develop and enhance the sod project process from start to finish to give you the highest possible success rate.

So whether you live in Tacoma or nearby areas in Wa, we welcome you to see the variation in our quality sod set up and installation.
At Tacoma Landscapings, our sod programs have two components: site planning and sod setup and installation.
Before we install your sod, we ensure that the following procedure is used to prepare your site.

  • Lawn clearing: First, we must clear and dispose of all existing debris, grass, etc.
  • Rough grade work: We apply landscape grade for removing water away from building structures and general grade for core shape.
  • Topsoil: Healthy grass requires at least 4 “of topsoil to survive. Tacoma Landscapings uses high-quality custom mixed soils exclusively for your design. The volume of soil used with fertilizers and amendments will be based on the spec for your plan or design.
  • Soil conditioning: this is the method of growing, mixing, or tilling the brand new soil into your current setup. At Tacoma Landscapings, we use power or hydraulic tools designed specifically for this method.
  • Final grade work: add the final touch to the new soil, rake it, and roll it seamlessly in time to prepare for the sod installation.
  • Rolling: a lawn roller or a power roller is used to smooth out, correct and firm the grade until the sod is placed.

The specialists at Tacoma Landscapings are experts in the field of sod construction. Our installation process will ensure that the sod has the best possibility of thriving.  Are you considering whether a sod installation and setup is best for you? Contact us today!

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Tacoma Sod
Tacoma Sod
SOD Tacoma Wa

Sod Tacoma WA

Sod Services Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Landscapings gives a variety of landscaping services as a complete solution to lawn care for Tacoma homeowners. Our sod installation is sure to be pest and weed-free.

At Tacoma Landscapings, a well-established, reliable lawn care service, we are committed to giving you the best value for your high-quality sod installation. You can depend on a high-quality product and service at a fair price when you buy a sod installation package from us.

Our sod installation staff has years of experience, and we work with only the best quality sod sods in the market, and we never have any issues with weed or insect infestation while using this premium sod.

Moreover, our installation process is effective and professional. The Tacoma Landscapings specialists will inspect and analyze the property to assess the sun/shade combination that your lawn is currently receiving. We will review your selections and identify the best sod type(s) you need to install. After you have made your choice on the type of sod you want, we will have a comprehensive estimate of what it would cost to get the sod delivered and assembled. We will then set the time and date for the task to be done.

Call us today so we can help you make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed with your sod installation.

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